Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

Among thousands of amazing fish finders and sonars, picking the best of them can be very daunting. Below, we have compiled a list of the ten best of all time, and you will definitely find one worth investing in. On the list, we have all the sonars with crisp LED displays, strong electronic machines, and precise detailing on them. We did careful market research, analyzed the devices, compared them with others, and brought to you the best fish finder GPS combo results.  

We created this guide for you to cut the confusion and pick the one that fits your fishing style. Plus, this guide will help tackle the buzzwords you might encounter while searching for the one. We will walk you through different types of sonars. Let’s imagine how good it would look catching fish every time you get your boat in the water.

Check Out Our Best Picks:

  • Features: Most advanced featurs with top line accurate results, userfriendly device with mid range budget.
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Lowrance Hook Reveal 5
Lowrance Hook Reveal 5
  • Features: Budget friendly device with all exciting features
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  • Features: Easy to connect fishfinder with your phone and explore the underwater world easily
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Raymarine Axiom 7
Raymarine Axiom 7
  • Features: This unit is loaded with upgraded tools then previous model, it has all essential features such as large screen with good brightness and other fishing tools.
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Humminbird Helix 10 GPS G4N
Humminbird Helix 10 GPS G4N
  • Features: MEGA 360 imagind gives clear results of 200 ft below, you can easily connect with bluetooth and control various function easily
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Lowrance Elite FS 7
Lowrance Elite FS 7
  • Features: All exciting features in one unit, sich as user-friendly, accurate results and imaging with great depth and bottom tracking.
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Raymarine US Dragonfly-7 Pro
Raymarine US Dragonfly-7 Pro
  • Features: Comes with built-in features such as CHIRP, GPS, Quick draw and many more. Bright screen is visible in all fishing environments
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Garmin Striker 4cv
Garmin Striker 4cv
  • Features: Comes with built-in features such as CHIRP, GPS, Quick draw and many more. Bright screen is visible in all fishing environments
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Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer
Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer
  • Features: It has high frequency Sonar that produces great underwater images, it covers maximum depth display all informations that are easy to understand.
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Deeper PRO+
Deeper PRO+
  • Features: It has Dual beam sonar and covers upto 260ft depth, extremely portable and connects to
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Top 10 Fish Finder GPS Combo Reviews

1. Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP MDI GPS G3


Best GPS Fish Finder

  • Best Device for enthusiast fishers
  • budget friendly with all exciting features


  • This is the best match for the price
  • Advanced options give you ten times the result
  • It gives high-quality picture quality


  • The transducer wire is short
  • The unit cannot find the bottom above 16 mph

It has a 7” wide split display, which gives you ample room to view anything on it. You can press the button on the right corner of the device and adjust the view accordingly. It has a resolution of 800H * 480V. Its TFT screen gets you underwater clarity. It covers up to 125 meters from the surface of the water.

This wireless device has a Dual Spectrum CHIRP and has two options for you to choose from – A wide Mode and a Narrow Mode. The wide mode gives you the maximum coverage while the Narrow mode gives the maximum details. With the two options, you can fetch more details about turbulence, temperature, and depth.

The package includes power cables, a mounting bracket, and mounting hardware. With this fish finder, you can unlock a variety of features and see the detail on its wide flat screen. The high-frequency device can catch up with the vibrations from the depth of the water.

2. Lowrance Hook Reveal 5

Lowrance hook reveal 5

Best Fish Finder With Transducer

  • loaded with fish reveal technology
  • Offering all features at half price


  • It has pre-loaded inland maps already installed
  • It is easier to install the device
  • It offers a detailed preview of the underwater creatures


  • The transducer needs great care; otherwise, it may stop working during the trip
  • It doesn’t have a strong body

Catching fish has never been easier without a fish finder. On the screen of the device, the fish is lightened up. This, too, gives high-resolution images of the underwater creature. It has 5 inches display on which a viewer can view a high-detail map.

The body is made of plastic and has GPS antennae. This also allows users to create their location map as well. This fish finder is the best for those who are looking to get the best view of underwater creatures right through the screen.

The features also include auto-tuning; you don’t have to set it up again every day. The previous settings are always saved so that you spend more time fishing. You will get a 1-year warranty.

With this fish finder, you will receive mounting brackets and 20 ft-long transducer wire, and some screws.

3. Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 74Cv

Best Depth Fish Finder

  • Easy plug-in and play handy device
  • Wonderful graphic and conventional sonar


  • The device is lightweight but has a strong body
  • It is high-frequency sonar on the list
  • The touch screen is convenient to use


  • Installation of the device is difficult

Garmin is one of the most trusted names that has been manufacturing fish finders for a long. Their name is among the most reputable brands in manufacturing saltwater navigation systems.

It has 7 inches touch screen display with a few navigation buttons on the right side. The crisp display is sun-light-readable. The widescreen enables the users to explore the tremendous features it offers. It also has a split-screen option.

Some of the pre-loaded maps make it easier for the users to navigate around. Garmin knows the importance of frequency. The device is well known for its higher frequency in getting a detailed overview of the creatures underwater.

With the product, you will receive a guide, preloaded charts, a transducer, a protective cover, a flush mount, and a network cable. It has the most number of satisfied buyers however it is a little more costly than others.

4. Raymarine Axiom 7

Best Fast & Responsive Fish Finder

  • Fast processing with high end dual channel graphics
  • New operating system with more features


  • Dock to dock auto-routing
  • Easy to use
  • Super connectivity and safe to use


  • Running a multi-functional display can be a daunting task
  • Need to watch a guide to run it properly

Raymarine Axiom 7 fish finder has a multifunctional 7 inches touch display. It has a powerful navigation system all at your fingertips.

The fish finder has a pre-built location chart of major lakes and oceans specifically in Canada and the USA, collectively, it covers data of more than 20,000 lakes and rivers already. While it also allows adding more manually into the system while navigating.

The package includes a CPT-100DVS transducer. With its split-screen feature, you can have an in-depth analysis of underwater creatures. On the other half of the screen, a photo-like image is viewed that helps users to view clearly in different colors.

It has a built-in GPS tracker and can easily be connected to the WiFi router. Axiom works with the Navionics boating app; users can transform data, update charts, and upload sonar logs wisely.

Here comes a catch, Raymarine offers 2 years of manufacturing warranty which makes it considerable among investors.

5. Humminbird Helix 10 Chirp MEGA DI+ GPS G4N

Humminbird Helix 10 Chirp MEGA DI+ GPS G4N CHO

Best Fish Finder For The Money

  • Super high-resolution screen with 360 imaging
  • The auto chart is amazing and always ready to use


  • It has an AutoChart Live feature that gives users the authority to create charts and save them.
  • It has Dual SD card slots
  • It has 360 imaging and radar


  • The transducer has a short wire

Another masterpiece from Humminbird – HELIX 10 G3N. It has amazing features of Mega Side and Mega down Imaging that enable users to read a detailed overview right on display.

Viewers can view underwater creatures up to 200 feet down the water. The detailed display provides fish arches and a crystal-clear view of the fish structures underwater.

This fish finder by Humminbird also comes with the dual features of Narrow mode and Maximum coverage. It has an in-built GPS tracker and Bluetooth connectivity.

HELIX 10 fish finder has a wide navigation screen of 10.1 inches. The device also has customizable charts of the lakes and rivers while it also allows users to create theirs. There are buttons on the right side to explore and control the device.

6. Lowrance Elite FS 7

lowrance elite fs 7

Best Live Imaging Fish Finder

  • The bright screen even visible in sunlight
  • Optimize dual frequency to reach a maximum depth


  • It’s best to match this price.
  • Portable body and give access to more functions to make fishing easy.
  • GPS included.


  • You may need to seal the SD card with plastic to make it water-resistant

If you are not very expert at fishing and want to master the skill, here you go!

The Lowrance Elite FS 7 fish finder is user-friendly and has exciting features. The display is 7 inches large which provides users with a high-resolution image. You can further explore various functions by controlling the buttons at the bottom.

Live sonar allows you to see your target swimming; you can also navigate to your target to precise fish areas.

We have personally found this product very handy. It has all the features you need to start with. Like all other Lowrance products, this fish finder also gives you as much as twice the coverage as others on the market.

Users can enable DownScan on the device to get detailed previews. It also has a feature of advanced signaling that helps users fetch a more detailed overview.

7. Raymarine US Dragonfly Pro 7

raymarine dragonfly pro

Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

  • Super depth tracking with quality imaging
  • Easy to put waypoints and re-navigate them


  • You can connect the fish finder wireless with your tablets and other mobile phones.
  • It is easy to install
  • Dual channel support


  • It does not support third-party applications

Raymarine Dragonfly-7 Pro is similar to Dragonfly-5 pro in terms of WiFi connectivity and wider display. The device features 6 inches display with high resolution.

Its display defines all the details up to 600ft to 900ft underwater. It also offers pre-loaded maps of the major lakes and rivers situated in the USA. The package includes a transom mount transducer.

The fish finder has a temperature sensor and develops non-foggy results. It supports dual-channel. You can connect this fish finder with Raymarine’s fish finder app. With the app, you can get connected with your friends and family to share your daily records – will be fun!

8. Garmin Striker 4cv

Garmin striker vivid 4cv

Best Portable Fish Finder

  • Handy and easy-to-use device
  • Low price tag with high-quality features


  • Best match for this price
  • The body is entirely water-proof
  • Comes with preloaded data


  • It doesn’t have unique sonar options like others
  • GPS is week

Garmin is a renowned brand with several fish finders. This is another amazing device with exceptional features.

The display is 3.6 inches. It is sleek, small, and portable. It features 3.6*1.6*5.9 inches. The display shows the speed data. Striker 4cv also contains pre-loaded data.

The device works on not more than 500W. It can reach up to the depth of 1,750ft. The package includes a transducer, data cable, fish finder, documentation guide, and motor mounts. The navigating screen can also be controlled by the button given at the bottom.

The catch is you can mark your favorite fishing spot on the device so that you don’t have to dive into the map every day.

9. Garmin Striker 4

garmin striker 4 amazon

Best Kayak Fish Finder

  • 3.5-inch screen with color display
  • Displays both log and graph of water temperature


  • It offers a convenient key operation
  • Users can mark their favorite spot on it
  • It has an exceptional frequency


  • It needs a battery to work
  • Cannot work for long hours

No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, Striker 4 is equally helpful. You’d love fishing with this fish finder.

This device by Garmin is another masterpiece – small, portable, easy to use and install, and a few options to explore. Unlike other fish finders by Garmin, this device has a relatively stronger GPS and water scanning system.

This device doesn’t consume more energy than 12V, it works fine on it. On the long rectangular display, you can have a detailed map view, can mark, and navigate through the location using the button under the screen.

It features a high-frequency sonar to collect data from up to 1600 ft. Our research has found that Garmin fish finders can collect data from a huge depth.

10. Deeper PRO+

Deeper PRO+

Best Castable Fish Finder

  • All-time favorite Dual Beam Sonar
  • Portable along with wifi connectivity
  • All exciting features at affordable price


  • It has a unique body
  • Data is saved on cloud storage
  • Built-in GPS locations


  • The device doesn’t use Bluetooth
  • Battery has a short life

We bet this is going to win your heart at first glance. However, it may seem complicated to explore features, but as you use it, you will understand the technology working on the backend.

You will master finding fish with the device. This fish finder is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has a round-black body. You can connect it with WiFi and a hotspot as well.

The strong system has some built-in GPS locations. With this, you can access all of the data saved including pictures, favorite spots, created Maps, and also scan the depth.

However, it cannot fetch data more than 260ft like others on the list. You will get a transducer, data wire, fish finder, and a guide to operating it.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Fish Finders GPS Combo – Buying Guide

Fish finders with GPS combo technology are trending these days. Fish finders GPS Combo consists of built-in mapping, plotting, and tracking in real-time. We have selected the top features that you must observe and ask for before buying an advanced fish finder GPS Combo.

Type of Sonar

While purchasing the best quality fish finder, the only important feature is Sonar beams and their quality. Screen resolution, size, and other features are secondary. Sonar technology comes into two types:

  • Traditional sonar

Traditional sonar technology is available in low-quality fish finders. It can detect underwater objects but cannot differentiate whether it is a fish or a physical structure. 

  • Chirp Sonar

Chirp Sonar shows detectable structures underwater. If the structure is moving it means it is a fish. If it is still, it is an underwater landscape or weeds. 

However, sonar technology is also categorized based on imaging like:

  • Side imaging

Side imaging is the best one for shallow water. You can easily cast sonar beams at different angles to get a clear view.  

  • Down Imaging 

Many fishing experts consider that sonar casting down imaging is the ideal. However, it all depends upon the water depth and the type of fishing you intend. 

Cone Angle

The cone angle is a work-worthy feature that works to find water objects accurately. Some people consider that the larger the cone angle means the more accuracy. It is not a matter in all cases. With increasing cone angle, the quality of the image may get blurred. You can adjust the cone angle as per the requirement of the fish finder. 

In high-definition fish finders, the cone angle reaches depth. It requires dual beam technology. However, it is an expensive technology and increases the cost of the fish finder. 

GPS Capabilities

Talking about the technical feature, you need a simpler and more accurate fish finder. Search the GPS feature and check out the capabilities. The more efficient  GPS of the fish finder means it can work best to get you a big deal. Additionally, you can look for Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, you can sync your phone with the GPS fish finder. 

Mapping and Plotting 

Some fish finders map out the water body in real-time using GPS data. Others come with the already mapped lakes and streams nationwide. It is a superb feature that helps to observe the water body in high-definition maps. Moreover, it can display aerial imagery of docks, vegetation, and other features with accuracy and detail. 

Plotting helps you mark the golden areas in the water where you found something detectable or desired. So, you can check out the mapping and plotting features before buying a fish finder.

Display Quality

Display quality depends upon how advanced sonar technology you use. Fish finders are available in different screen resolutions, screen sizes, and image quality. Several users prefer to purchase colored LCD of the fish finder. It helps to detect underwater bodies immediately. 

Further, the sonar beams and the higher imaging technology also contribute to the good display of the fish locator.  


When you purchase a device, it is better to check portability. Before going on an adventure, it is the foremost thing you will do. The transducer and display need to be mounted. However, a mounting feature of fish finders may variate with a change in brand. 


A reliable fish finder can have a longer work life than others. Durability is an important feature of a fishing device. A more water-resistant device means more durable. High-grade manufacturing, battery life, and waterproof technology make the fish finder durable, and you can work with it for several years.


The power of transducers is measured in Root Mean Square (RMS). The minimum power of a fish finder is 500 RMS. You cannot get any image if the power of the transducers is lower than the minimum power. 

While purchasing, you need to decide the depth of water. In freshwater, high frequencies mean lesser depth, and lesser power is required to move on. On the other hand, low frequencies mean deep water, and so on, higher power is needed to work.


Here details, comparisons, and descriptions come to an end. All the best fish finders GPS Combo mentioned above are the top picks on the market. While we believe that this guide was helpful enough for you to invest in the one with more features of your interest. Among the best fish finder GPS combo on the list, our pick is “Humminbird HELIX 10 GeN 4”. It enables users to enable detailed mega side and mega down features like no other. It has two modes – narrow and maximum with a strong GPS. If you want to begin with basic and to the pro level – that’s absolutely for you!

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