Best Kayak Fish Finder (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Gone are the days when kayaking required effort; it was never easier. You are out on the kayak, paddling and wondering to catch the fish for hours, and at the end of the day, you hardly catch some small fish. But today, the story is different! Gladly, technology has brought a bigger change in the lives of the fishermen. However, purchasing the best kayak fish finder is another big investment for fishermen these days. But do you think that this is going to help? Do you really need one? 

That’s true that fish finders on the kayak have changed the fishing styles greatly. The recent stats say that sales of fish finders have increased four folds in some years merely. The demand has increased because fishermen are finding it helpful.

Fish finders help them track the target not only underwater but around the shore as well. Fishing has become a matter of moment for them. If you want to buy the best fish finder on the kayak but are not sure what to look for, then this article serves you. We have compiled a list of 8 amazing fish finders. Consider and compare their features and go with the one that fits your requirement!

Our Top Picks

Garmin Striker 4
Garmin Striker 4
  • Features: The portable fish finder with all advanced features in one device.
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Lowrance Hook Reveal 5
Lowrance Hook Reveal 5
  • Features: Loaded with fish reveal technology, All features are included at half price
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Lowrance HOOK2
Lowrance HOOK2
  • Features: Enabling anglers to detect fish precisely, Easy to use and handy unit
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Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv
Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv
  • Features: Loaded with Sonar technology, Informative and colourful display
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Deeper PRO+ 2
Deeper PRO+ 2
  • Features: Easy to connect with phone, Portable and covers better depth results
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Humminbird HELIX 5 DI G2
Humminbird HELIX 5 DI G2
  • Features: Multiple frequencies for better results, Can reach a depth of around 1000 feet
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Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 93sv
Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 93sv
  • Features: High-end imaging and display on the device, Easy to use and loaded with features
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Garmin Striker Plus 5cv
Garmin Striker Plus 5cv
  • Features: A budget-friendly device with sharp imaging, Ultrescroll feature boosts the sonar for great results
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Top 8 Best Kayak Fish Finders Review

1. Garmin Striker 4

garmin striker 4 amazon

Best Portable Fish Finder

  • Seems Small, loaded with all essential features
  • Budget-friendly device working in all conditions


  • High frequency.
  • Can reach a maximum depth of 1600ft.
  • Strong Built-in GPS


  • Small in size 
  • Small transducer wire

The first on the list of Striker 4 with a massive number of satisfied customers worldwide already (We are also one of them). Garmin is a big name that has manufactured hundreds of fish finders.

We have to say that all of the products are better than others. On the other hand, Striker 4 has a small body with a flat-screen that is 7 inches long. However, the display is also available in other dimensions.

It has a built-in GPS integrated into the device that works efficiently. The device works perfectly on 17V. The Catch about this fish finder is that it can find the target up to 1600ft bottom in the seas.

Garmin also stores data on several small and giant lakes in the USA. It also enables users to create more maps and mark their favorite fishing spots accordingly. We loved it!

2. Lowrance Hook Reveal 5

Lowrance hook reveal 5

Best Fish Finder For Kayak

  • Loaded with fish reveal technology
  • All features are included at half price


  • Auto-tuning Sonar
  • 8,900 Maps Preloaded in the device
  • High-resolution screen 


  • Expensive 
  • The battery of the fish finder drains faster

Lowrance believes in advancement. It keeps an eye on the market trends and always comes up with something incredible that one has to admit its rich features. Similarly, this device by Lowrance is another masterpiece.

The display is 7 inches long. However, it comes in five different display-size variations. The device is worth buying; you can easily feel the difference. We believe that Reveal 5 has made fishing much easier. The catch is the device has more than 8,900 maps of different lakes, rivers, and streams in the USA and Canada so that you don’t have to spend time creating a new map of the place.

It certainly saves time and helps you stay focused on fishing only. This allows you to view a clear and concise view of the underwater on the split-screen. The screen has a high resolution. Another catch about the device is that it has an auto-tuning sonar system that automatically adjusts and saves the settings for later use.

Even if the device is turned off, the settings will remain saved.  

3. Lowrance HOOK2

lowrance hook 2 fish finder

Best Kayak Mount Fish Finder

  • Enabling anglers to detect fish precisely
  • Easy to use and handy unit


  • Easy Setup 
  • Affordable
  • Maps Preloaded


  • No GPS included for the price 
  • Smaller display

It Looks like Lowrance is in the lead; this is another great product that Lowrance trained for the race. This fish finder is comparatively cheaper than the one already mentioned because it has no GPS embedded.

While this device, too, comes in four different variations, and others have GPS integrated into the device already with different display settings and variations. The screen has a high resolution and is 4.3 inches long. It also shows an underwater view on the split-screen. For the price, this also has a mapping system.

Lowrance has always been good this term; it has incorporated hundreds of maps already in almost all of its fish finders. The device offers a high frequency that can detect the movement of the fish even several meters deep in water. The display gives a precise view of the movement underwater.

We suggest that if you are new to this fish finder thing and want to give it a chance, then you should begin it with HOOK2 by Lowrance. Learn and get professional.

4. Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv

Garmin striker vivid 4cv

Portable Fish Finder For Kayak

  • Loaded with Sonar technology
  • Informative and colourful display


  • Wireless. 
  • Sensitive GPS
  • Exclusive Design 
  • Cheaper


  • No split-screen
  • Small in size. 

Garmin, again, to introduce another champ – Striker vivid 4cv! And again, it earned a great number of satisfied customers worldwide. Well, there’s no denying Garmin always has had something incredible to offer.

All of the fish finders have something exceptional. This fish finder has a robotic design with controlling buttons below the screen, and I am sure you’d love to take the device on a kayak. As the name suggests, it offers 7 vivid colors to make contrast accordingly.

It allows you to enable different color themes in the daylight and different ones during the night. You can set the maximum clarity on the device. Along with that, this 4-inch fish finder has a highly sensitive GPS integrated into the system that can mark the waypoint easily.

On the screen, you can also view the speed and route. Striker vivid 4cv also has several maps stored in the memory as well. 

5. Deeper PRO+ 2

deeper pro+ 2

Best Kayak Castable Fish Finder

  • Easy to connect with phone
  • Portable and covers better depth results


  • Easy to use 
  • Cheaper
  • Wide beam of frequency covers horizontal depth as well.
  • Best for beginners


  • It failed to track target <10fts. 

On the 5th, we have Deeper Pro+ 2. We love the way it looks – Matte black ball. You can put it anywhere on the kayak while fishing. This smart device can find the target within a depth of up to 360ft underwater. All you need to do is download the Fish Deeper app on your smart device.

Turn on the fish finder and turn on its WiFi feature and then connect it to the hotspot of your device. You can easily view and track the underwater movement of fish on the screen of your device connected.

The catch about the fish finder is that it can find the target even if it’s hiding somewhere in the vegetation. The wide frequency beam can not only go vertically deep but also tracks the target horizontally to some feet.

As, you know, fish finder is different, with comparatively new features and has game-changing capabilities. With this fish finder, you can create your maps and mark them as your favorite spots; the data will remain saved even if the device is turned off for hours.

We found this device most working for beginners because they don’t have to make changes on the fish finder itself, but they do it on their mobiles and tablets. 

6. Humminbird HELIX 5 DI G2

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI G2

Best Kayak Depth Fish Finder

  • Multiple frequencies for better results
  • Can reach a depth of around 1000 feet


  • Keypad control
  • Dual Sonar Imaging 
  • Widescreen display.
  • Unbeatable features


  • Expensive
  • No GPS.

The hummingbird is the king of manufacturing fish finders. On the list, we have the HELIX 5 DI G2 fish finder. We love the body and the controlling buttons on the right corner. While comparing it with other fish finders on the list, we found it has a great graphical display.

It also split-screen feature that makes it easier for us to detect the target far easily. The picture-like image with color contrast easily detects the movement and shows it on the screen. This device doesn’t work on predictions only. We got 98% results from the device.

It comes in 6 different variations with some features variable. The display is 5 inches long. It comes with the feature of Down Imaging, which lets its users know what’s happening right below the kayak. It offers two Sonar functions – SwitchFire and Dual Beam.

SwitchFire modes shifts give the authority to Sonar to display the details on the screen. Dual Beam features catch the maximum details from underwater and put that on the screen.

7. Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 93sv

Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 93sv

Best Kayak Fish Finder

  • High-end imaging and display on the device
  • Easy to use and loaded with features


  • Touchscreen NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 support 
  • Vivid scanning 
  • Quick release bail mount.


  • The device is a bit Expensive.

ECHOMAP UHD 93sv is the strong fish finder by Garmin. It has a sunlight-readable display with high resolution. The touchscreen display is 9″ long. However, it also has some buttons on the right corner to accept commands.

This fish finder comes in 4 variations that differ in size and certain properties. While the catch is that the device has Ultra high-definition Scanning Sonar that has 20% more capability to find a target no matter how much disturbance is there underwater.

The device also has a vivid scanning system to help its users distinguish between the target and other objects. The high frequency can reach several feet in the water. This fish finder has a map of 18,000 lakes and rivers in the USA.

We extremely like the design and the body being mounted strongly. It is, however, expensive for the price but gives even more functions. The device has NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 support that enables users to collect data, autopilot integration, sensor collection and more.

8. Garmin Striker Plus 5cv

Garmin Striker Plus 5cv

Cheap Fish Finder For Kayak

  • A budget-friendly device with sharp imaging
  • Ultrescroll feature boosts the sonar for great results


  • Built-in GPS 
  • Sunlight readable display 
  • Mapping software 


  • You’ll need to have an SD card that stores maps data. 
  • No WiFi

Garmin is the game changer for sure. Striker Plus 5cv is the key-operated fish finder. The display of the device is 5 inches long with a high resolution. The screen can also be split into two to give clearer information.

The picture-like image gives its user to detect where the target is. It has the sonar plus CHIRP that works efficiently. While the device also has built-in GPS.

Though Garmin already embedded the data and map from 18000 major lakes and rivers into the fish finder, it also enables its users to create new ones.

This is absolutely perfect for beginners. If you’re looking for a smart body along with durability and efficient performance, here you go! In exchange for this price, it offers you many features.

What To Look When Choosing Best Kayak Fish Finder – Buying Guide

What features do you observe in a fish finder? We have listed out some exclusive features of a quality fish finder. Before having a purchase you should look for the following properties. This article will help you to decide on the best option. 


Fish finders for kayak show display in different sizes. Different manufacturers create fish locators display with screen sizes from 4 inches to 12 inches. Furthermore, screen resolution varies from device to device.   

Method of Imaging

Usually, a kayak fish finder uses two types of imaging:

  • Downside imaging: Fish finders use transducers by sending sonar underwater. If you want to do fishing in deep waters, downside imaging can give you a clearer view of the targeted area. However, the quality of imaging depends upon the number of transducers that a fish finder uses.  
  • Sideways imaging: Contrary to it, sideways imaging is used in shallow water. If you intend to do fishing in streams, lakes, and ponds, you should choose a fish finder that casts sideways imaging. 

Further, the sonar range may vary between 150ft to 350ft. The best sonar transducers can go through sonar beams at different angles to increase accuracy and coverage. 


While rowing a kayak, fish finders feature with fish locator and depth locator. An authentic fish finder can measure the depth of water even when the kayak is at a higher speed. Common fish finders can measure the depth of water from 1meter to 400 meters. It all depends upon the capacity and specifications of the fish locator.

Screen Size

The different manufacturers produce devices with different screen sizes. Generally, the screen size may range between 4 inches to 12 inches. The screen size is measured in a diagonal direction from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. A 7 inches screen is considered large enough to get a clear view of water bodies. 

What Extra Features You Should Seek


For beginners, fish finders are available under $150. However, with advanced technology, the prices of fish locators have risen. Fish finder price increases with technologies like fish locators, high screen resolution, sonar beams, and depth locators.  

Transducer Capability & Space

The transducer uses sonar beams to view in-depth information about water. Without transducers, fish finders cannot detect anything, and the screen will get blank. 

The beam of sonar waves ranges from low frequencies to high frequencies. Beams with low frequencies can detect the depth of water bodies. Narrow beams allow higher depth with fewer details. On the other hand, beams with higher frequencies can penetrate less depth but provide detailed information on water bodies. 

Water Proof

According to IPX7, all fish finders are water-resistant. You can keep the fish finder merged in water for nearly 30 minutes deep up to 1 meter. However, the capacity of water-resistant may vary per brand. 

Choosing The Best Fish Finder On The Basis Of Techniques

Deep Water 

Firstly, you need to decide how deep you want to fish. For more in-depth fish finding, you need a downside Imaging Sonar. Downside Imaging Sonar helps the fish finder to see beneath the boat as well. On the other hand, if you like to do fishing in freshwater, lakes, or streams, side imaging Sonar is the best choice.

Transducers with Down Imaging sonar use a vertical angle to find the fish. Down imaging can give clear imaging even if your kayak rows faster. 

Structure fishing

Structures refer to underwater landscapes. Depth, bottoms, and contours remain to change within lakes and underwater. Fish finders help users to locate underwater structures. The actual science is to understand how fish relate to these physical landscapes. Advanced fish finders use Mapping and other techniques to make the view clear and better. 


Fish finders to work in shallow water require certain specifications and customization. For instance:

First, in shallow water, a higher frequency of sonar beam helps is effective. Higher frequencies do not work in depth. But it can cast the best image quality, unlike low-frequency sonar beams. 

Second, you need to adjust the depth of the fish finder. Keep the depth minimum in the setting. It will help to find out the bottom easily. 

Both types of imaging – Side imaging and down imaging work conveniently in shallow water (though side imaging is the best one). A fish finder with these qualities can help you find the best fishing experience.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater

In salt water, the sound amplitude for a kayak fish finder is greater. The reason is simple. The heavy metals, mineral ratio, and living organisms make it possible. However, fish finders often have the option to select the type (saltwater, freshwater) and depth of water (deep or shallow). 

So, before purchasing, you can check out these specifications. Keep in mind many fish finders with low quality are unable to detect the quality of water. It surely affects the performance and life of the fish finder.


This research and in-depth analysis have come to an end. For us, the best fish finder on the kayak is “Striker 4 by Garmin”. This is 100% affordable; whether you’re a pro fisherman or just a beginner, it will work for you! We are extremely impressed by the body design, durability, and exceptional performance of the device. The frequency can even detect the tiniest movement within a depth of 1600ft depth. So many features came in the small fish finder, which made us love it! While you may find another fish finder better on the list. And if yes, let us know in the comment below!

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