Best Portable Fish Finders (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Kayaking is more than focused now. It also accounts for the tools and advanced technology that can make you catch more fish in a short time. This includes a portable fish finder as well. If you want to astonish others with your angling skills, I’m sure you need to have the best fish finder of the year. 

While some professional anglers say that using a device “fish finder” is cheating. Well, actually there’s nothing wrong with it. You have to make use of each accessible tool at your disposal to practice fishing at its best. I believe that kayaking has to be made easier and using a portable fish finder is a great option. 

Even if you want to gift something best to your angler friend, a portable fish finder is a great option. In this article, I have managed to list down some great fish finders. One to thing keep in mind is that these products vary greatly in their prices, display size, and the features which make them all unique. You may find some of them useful as a beginner while some features are stored for professional anglers.

See Our Top Picks

Lowrance Hook 2
Lowrance Hook 2
  • Features: The portable fish finder with all advanced features in one device.
Check on Amazon
Garmin Striker 4
Garmin Striker 4
  • Features: Budget friendly device with all exciting features
Check on Amazon
Deeper Start Portable Fish Finder
Deeper Start Portable Fish Finder
  • Features: Easy to connect fishfinder with your phone and explore the underwater world easily
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Lucky Portable Fish Finder
Lucky Portable Fish Finder
  • Features: Small device with widest underwater detecting capabilities
Check on Amazon
Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 DI
Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 DI
  • Features: Beginner friendly all rounder fish finder
Check on Amazon
Deeper Pro Smart
Deeper Pro Smart
  • Features: Small handy device that generates quick and accurate results
Check on Amazon
Lucky Kayak Portable Finder
Lucky Kayak Portable Finder
  • Features: Wired Fish Finder that shows approximate fish locations and water depth
Check on Amazon
RICANK Portable Fish Finder
RICANK Portable Fish Finder
  • Features: Fish finder that shows results of all objects found under water
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Venterior Portable Rechargeable Fish Finder
Venterior Portable Rechargeable Fish Finder
  • Features: Wireless fish finder that is gives accurate results under all conditions
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LUCKY Portable Sonar Fish Finder
LUCKY Portable Sonar Fish Finder
  • Features: Displays wonderful graphics with accurate results
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Top 10 Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews

1. Lowrance Hook 2 Fish Finder

lowrance hook 2 4x ice fish finder

Best Portable Fish Finder

  • Easily locate ideal fishing spots
  • 500-ft Depth coverage but results are excellent


  • Easy Installation 
  • Affordable
  • Automated Sonar Setting 
  • Double sonar Coverage


  • Some variations don’t have GPS in them
  • The Auto depth may not functions properly

The first on the list is HOOK2 manufactured by Lowrance. This is the compact fish finder with all the advanced features that the latest one can have in 2022.

It has bet almost all in the lane. We found this device easy to use. However, the feature a quite advanced so maybe a beginner will not find it as helpful as professionals would. Lowrance states that HOOK2 can multiply the fish count by 4x.

It auto-tunes sonar settings. Even if the device is turned off, the settings will not change. This portable fish finder gives its users twice the coverage, unlike others. The package includes a fish finder, trolling motor, and a transducer.

This is specifically designed for kayak fishing. It has a 4.3 inches water-proof display along with buttons to control the device on the right side. The underwater picture it generates gives a clear identification of the catch.

With Hook2 you can easily target the fish. You merely have to turn it and yeah, here’s your first fish!

2. Garmin Striker 4 With Portable Kit

Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

Best Kayak Fish Finder

  • 3.5-inch screen with color display
  • Displays both log and graph of water temperature


  • Portable and light-weight 
  • Allows users to mark their favorite spot. 
  • Chirp sonar transducer that covers a wide range 
  • Upgradeable


  • Lead battery, which drains faster

If you want to get something with GPS and along with all the features, even easier to carry and lighter weight then here you go. Garmin Striker 4 is probably one of the best on the list.

It has a remote-like design with a powerful 3.5 inches display and prominent buttons underneath to control. Its exceptional features include a waypoint map, with which you can view the maps of thousands of lakes and rivers in the USA.

It allows you to make your favorite and negative fishing spots based on your experience. This is absolutely a portable device even you can hold it in one hand while catching fish with the other one.

It has a Chirp Sonar that gathers a range of information from down the water and displays it on the screen. Garmin Striker 4 has a built-in flasher that makes it ideal for ice fishing as well.

3. Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder

deeper start portable fish finder

Best Castable Fish Finder

  • Easy to connect with wifi without internet access
  • All exciting features at low price tag


  • WiFi Connectivity 
  • Great Casting length 
  • Fish Icons Display
  • Easy Installation and Scanning 
  • Charging lasts up to 2.5 hrs.


  • It fails to read shallow depth in water.
  • Some connectivity issue.

Here is the Smart Fish Finder for the smart anglers! It is made out of cutting-edge technology. While I really love it being a little off-track.

No screen no display just WiFi and control it on your mobile devices your way. Yes, it just has the WiFi feature, you can connect it with your tablets and mobiles via hotspots.

Plunge the fish finder to sea level, and it will catch the information to display on the screen. We like the device because it gives accurate information within seconds. It finds the location of the fish, depth, size, bottom contour, and more.

It works through an application that is compatible with both android and iOS. It has a high-frequency sonar that can even collect information from 160fts as well.

4. Lucky Portable Fish Finder

lucky portable fish finder

Beginner Friendly Fish Finder

  • Display all objects of underwater
  • Bright display visible in all day light
  • Covers range of 400-ft only


  • Fish Alarm 
  • Sensitivity adjustment 
  • Multi ways to use it. 
  • Wired sonar transducer


  • It cannot differentiate between fish and vegetation.

If you want to make all of your kayaking adventures the best ones, then this is 100% for you! We bet you’ll start loving fishing like never before. This is another extremely portable fish finder.

It has 2.4 inches water-proof display with buttons underneath. It has two modes – Stimulation and Transducer. This fish finder allows you to view the depth of 328ft down the water and covers an operating area of 26ft horizontally.

The device has an angle of 45 degrees with a frequency of 200 kHz. This device comes with a USB cable and is rechargeable. The feature that we really love about is that the battery works even better, for a continuous 5 hrs.

The screen has high resolution and is sunlight readable. It goes in all different ways. Its operational temperature is between 14F to 122F. You can use it for ice fishing kayak fishing, shore fishing, etc.

On this device, you can also alter the language. With the pack, you will get a portable fish finder, transducer, cable, and mounting bracket.

5. Humminbird Piranhamax 4

humminbird piranhamax 4 di

Best Fish Finder For The Money

  • Produces sharp images with lots of details
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Covers 600-ft of depth


  • Tilt and Swivel Mount. 
  • Efficient Sonar with high frequency. 
  • PiranhaMAX 4 PT Technology


  • It’s challenging to set up a long-wired transducer. 

If you are in between being a beginner and a professional and looking for something that can help you see the sidelines of the kayak, here you go! Not all the fish finders can give an image from the left and right sides of the kayak.

Humminbird 410170 is all-rounder. It can capture the image from 360 degrees of the kayak and even the bottom of your kayak. The 4.3 inches display with high resolution can generate a picture-like image from underwater.

We really like the dual-beam sonar which gives the user the maximum details. It has a high frequency that can go down to 420fts. It works on a battery that can efficiently work on 300watts RMS.

The display design is a bit different than other remote-like devices. PiranhaMAX 4 PT is the latest technology embedded in the device. This technology gives a fish alarm, zoomed display, and easy interface.

In the package, you will receive a 6ft power cable, mounting bracket, portable carrying case, and a fish finder.

6. Deeper Pro Smart

deeper pro smart

Best Castable Fish Finder

  • Seamless connectivity with any smart device
  • Super portable, covers more depth details and crystal results


  • 4 Season Fishing 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Data is secured with the Cloud. 
  • Dual Beam Mapping.


  • Charging drains faster
  • Expensive

We love these Deeper’s inventions a lot. This is another masterpiece of the manufacturers. It is a black ball-like device and is extremely handy. You can also plunge the device in water that detects exactly where the target is.

It works the same way. Turn on the wifi, connect with the device, open an app, and here you go! This simple installation and up to 90% efficient response. Almost all the users found the device great, portable, and efficient.

It works for both kayak fishing and ice fishing. The body is made of plastic hence little care is required. It can find the target to the depth of 360fts with the precise measurement of 2.5cm merely.

This portable fish finder can easily differentiate between targets, sand, and vegetation. If you are looking for something that generates super-quick results, then this is the perfect one.

The device has a built-in GPS that accesses the maps where you love fishing. Plus, the great thing is that the application it works on already has hundreds of stored maps.

7. Lucky Kayak Depth Finder

lucky kayak portable depth finder

Best Fish Finder For Kayak

  • Explicit reading with easy-to-understand display
  • Affordable price tag and can work under all water conditions
  • Works on local disposable batteries


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Precise detailing. 
  • Affordable.


  • 4 centimeters screen display. A water-resistant
  • The issue was found in some units.

Lucky is not coming slow!!! Users are not only satisfied, leaving 5-stars, but they also love its manufactured fish finders. This is another masterpiece “Kayak Portable Fish Depth Finder”. By the name of the device, it is even clearer what the device is made for.

It can even fetch the details from more than 100m but the transducer has to be completely into the water. On the screen, you can view the picture-like image.

However, the display screen is small – 4cm only but is sun-light readable. There are three buttons just beneath the screen – Set up, Enter, and Power button. This tiny portable device offers 5-level sensitivity for precise identifications.

You can even hang the device on your neck with the long strap. This is suitable for fishing in both clear and turbid water.

Even if you need a device to target fish for the saltwater, this absolutely works without even getting damaged.

8. Ricank Fish Finder

ricank portable fish finder

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder

  • The mounting kit and accessories included
  • 25 feet wire identifies fishes size, location, and all objects underwater
  • Not in worst but work fine in good weathers


  • Stable signal sonar
  • 5 Power Features 
  • Easy installation and setup. 
  • Suitable for all fishing styles.


  • It fails to deliver the promised results on the screen.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t provide users with the right information.

This portable fish finder is a lot like the Depth Finder. Even the LED display looks similar. While this is perfect for beginners who are looking to buy a small, portable, easy-to-use, and handy device while kayaking.

However, it is a little better in performance. The device doesn’t give users a colored image but it is super-quick to detect water depth, fish movement, tall or short weeds, rock, sand, and an appropriate target location.

With the help of a strap, you can also wear this portable fish finder in your neck. No matter what’s your favorite way of kayaking, it fits all efficiently. You can have it for ice fishing, river fishing, lake, or sea-level fishing.

The sonar works efficiently have high frequency, and detect movement up to 328fts in water. We found new features in the device than others on the list. It has 5 power modes that include Backlight mode, Battery saver option, fish alarm, measurement of depth, and the size of the fish in units.

9. Venterior Fish Finder

venterior wireless portable fish finder

Best Affordable Fish Finder

  • Wireless rechargeable portable fish finder.
  • Screens contain two colors for better day light visibility.


  • 20 Levels of sensitivity adjustment 
  • Two colors background screen. 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Fish Alarm


  • Inefficient battery 
  • Sometimes reads the wrong details.

Handling wires is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are fed up struggling with wired devices, then you must give this Rechargeable Portable Fish Finder a try.

The fish finder comes with a wire-less sonar sensor that can be emerged in water, you can keep the distance up to 262fts and it works considerably amazing. The tiny display has to offer great features. The background works in two colors – black and white to make details visible in day and night variations.

This portable fish finder works on a stimulation mode that can gather information from inside the water and display it in the form of units. The Sonar beam angle is 90 degrees when set into the water.

However, the noticeable thing is that the device will not work correctly unless sonar is turned on.

10. Lucky Portable Sonar

lucky portable sonar fish finder

Castable Wireless Fish Finder

  • Budget friendly wireless and handy device.
  • Works perfectly for both beginners and professional anglers.


  • Fish Alaram and Shallow Alarm
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Efficient sonar transducer.
  • Long – lasting battery.


  • Cannot differentiate between algae, vegetation, and fish.

If you are out of the space in your kayak then you probably want to purchase this compact and portable fish finder. This is not only affordable, wireless, and handy but encompasses great technology as all the manufactured devices of Lucky have.

This battery-powered fish finder is resistant to the damages that may be caused by water. It has a long display screen with some monitoring buttons underneath to control.

With this wireless and portable fish finder, you don’t have to drill holes within the kayak. The transducer can support the depth up to 360fts while the sonar has a beam angle of straight 90 degrees. 

You have to drop the sonar in the water and view the underwater display on the screen. It has an efficient battery that works for as long as 6 hrs. We conclude that the device works perfectly for both beginners and professional anglers.

What To Look In Best Portable Fish Finder | Ultimate Buying Guide

Pocket size and hand-held fish finders have been trending these days. If you intend to buy a portable fish finder, we have listed our top features and specifications. By reading this article, you can know how to choose the best portable fish finder.

GPS integrated 

GPS integration is a remarkable feature. You can do fishing safely using GPS connectivity. The users can accurately navigate the waterways with the help of the fish finder GPS Combo. Further, many fish finders come with pre-loaded or built-in maps of different states. Thus, you can easily plot the best fishing spots to have successful fishing adventures.  

Cone Angle

Cone angle helps you to observe in detail in the deep waters. The larger the cone the broader the water details a fish finder can locate. But you can work more accurately with the narrow-angle. However, it all depends upon the fishing situation, depth of water, etc. Cone angle shoots out from the transducer in deep water and detects the water details. 

Side scan vs. Down Scan

In shallow water, sided scan works great. The users can detect what is next to the boat. You can throw beams at different angles to get detailed information about the water objects. On the other hand, a down scan helps to navigate under the boat. The down scan is the best option if you want to fish in deep water. 

Mounting type

Decide whether you need a fixed fish finder or a portable one. In larger boats and ships, it is convenient to use fixed fish finders. On the other hand, smaller boats, kayaks, and canoes go on well with portable fish finders. Due to lesser safety on small boating structures, users keep the portable fish finder in hand while moving inside the boat. 

Hence, portable and handheld fish finders are ideal to use for all types of boating adventures. 

Vessel specific Fish finders

Vessel-specific fish finders’ features are compact and smart. What type of boat you use, depth of water, and fishing adventures contribute to the need for the different types of fish finders.


The transducer is the brain of the fish finder. If the transducer is of lower quality, the fish finder will irritate you. Without a transducer, a fish finder is a blank screen only. Transducers use sonar beams while catching images from underwater. It sends and receives signals to get accurate information about water objects. 

Some fish finders use single transducers while high-definition fish finders may use more than one transducer to enhance the navigation and detection feature.


The display should be visible in bright light and dim light both. Further, you need a standard screen size to see clearer. With too short a screen, you cannot view the water details. It is wiser to choose a medium-sized screen that does not impair your vision.


A common fish finder comes with 50kHz to 200kHz frequency. However. Fish finders have the features to detect lower frequencies up to 15kHz as well. Similarly. Frequencies above 200kHz are also found in rare fish finders. 

Some Additional Features To look for in a portable fish finder?

Quality of the transducer

A transducer is the heart and brain of the fish finder. If there is no transducer in the fish finder, it is a stale device. A transducer is a tool that sends and receives signals to and from water. Transducers use advanced sonar technology to detect and create imaging on the fish finder screen. So, make sure that the desired fish finder consists of a high-quality transducer. 

Power rating

Power rating shows the ability of the sonar technology. How powerful the sonar beams are to catch up with the imaging? The more powerful the sonar technology, the more efficient the signal-picking capability. 

The power of the Sonar is measured in RMS and peak to peak. Usually, regular fish finders are available with the power of 500 watts RMS to 800watts RMS. However, in larger fish finders, the power of 100 watts to 3000 watts RMS is available.  


A fish finder operates with batteries. Batteries are available at 12-24 volts. In exceptional cases, larger batteries are also available. A smaller fish finder consumes a 1-3 amp battery per hour. However, larger devices can utilize up to 7amp per hour. So, check out your usability before buying the device. 

Portability and ease of transportation

The smarter design of the fish finder makes it more portable.  Handheld and detachable fish finders are popular for convenience and luxury features. It is quite easy to carry portable fish locators anywhere. Potable fish locators are available in sizes as lower as pocket size. However, some portable fish finders can be packed into handbags. 

Display quality

Several features contribute to display quality:

  • Screen size: Screen size should be enough to view all water objects. 
  • Screen resolution: Fish finders are available in High Definition image quality as well.  
  • Display in daylight: While rowing a  boat you have to do fishing in dim light or bright daylight. Make sure that the fish finder you.  are selecting is competent enough to work in all types of light

Screen size

The available screen size range is between 4 inches to 12 inches. A 4-inch fish finder is a smaller size and water targets may not be visible clearly. On the other hand, the 12-inch screen size is larger enough to view all water objects accurately. 7-inch screen size is standard. You can view all navigations and directions efficiently. 


Before buying, you need t check out all types of connectivity in the device. Bluetooth connectivity helps you sync phone data with the fish finder. It can help you navigate maps and locations directly from your handset. 

Furthermore, check out the option of GPS connectivity. Make sure that GPS is capable enough to navigate different locations and objects in the targeted area. 

Cone Angle Frequency

The cone angle is another important feature. The wider angle shows wider visibility of the underwater world. However, a thin angle gives an accurate image of the objects. 

The efficiency of the cone angle depends upon the quality of the transducer. So, check out the transducer and its working mechanism. 


Nearly, all fish finders are waterproof. Each fish finder has a certain capacity to sink in the water for a fixed period. Water resistance technology makes the device durable and long-lasting. 


The cost of portable fish finders varies from brand to brand. The higher technology a fish finder has the higher the cost of the device. GPS connectivity, transducer quality, sonar technology, and quality of imaging contribute to an increase in the cost of the fish locators. the cost of the fish finders ranges from $100 to $600 or above as well. Commercial fish finders are of high cost. 


With this, our research comes to an end and we conclude that the best on the list is “Garmin Striker 4”. One has to admit the advanced technologies make it work professionally. It gives three different types of displays of underwater creatures. It is lighter in weight and has a robotic interface with string GPS that allows you to make your maps yourself and mark their favorites. We are highly impressed by the functions it offers. So, we recommend this portable fish finder for new and professional users. While that’s our selection, let us know which one of them you found perfect for your kayaking style?

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